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16 July 2007 @ 11:21 pm
From Slavery to Love ~ Chapter Four  
From Slavery to Love
Chapter Four
by gypsyluv & lancelot_luv05
POTC fandom
pairings: Jack/Will, Jack/Bill, Jack/Will/Bill, Will/Elizabeth, Jack/Tom(OC),  Will/Tom (OC), mention of Bill/Davy Jones, Will/Davy Jones (not all in this chapter, but over all)
warnings: Explicit Sexual Content, Slavery, Torture, Violence, Rape, Explicit Language, Slash, Het, Mpreg, Adult Consciencial Incest, OC's, Fluffy Romance, You name it and it's probably here.
This is very, very long (over 140,000 words in total) and every word is unedited and unbetad! (Please read our userinfo page before yelling at us about this sort of thing.)  This story is finished though and we will post regular updates! 

chapter Notes:  Ok here's where some action begins.  Will gets to confront James and Elizabeth for their betrayal! Jack gets to have a bit of fun too! 

Chapter Four

It took a few moments for it to register what Jack had said, they were in Port Royal. Oh for a few moments there was pain but then it was replaced by anger as memories of what happened came flooding back. He had the sudden urge for revenge and showed the first sign of life again in a long time. He tightened his hand into a fist.


Jack looked up into Wills eyes when he felt him make a fist. There it was, the fire that use to burn so bright. "There you are." Jack said and laid his other hand on Wills cheek.

"I'm going ashore and I'm going to have a chat with two certain people" Will said ignoring Jacks words about where he was.


Jack pulled Wills hand up and kissed it lightly, not being able to help himself. This fire he saw in Will was lighting a fire of his own.


"We can't just go storming in there in broad daylight Will. And you're not going anywhere." Jack made him sit back down on the bed. "You haven't regained you're strength back luv." Jack walked over to his desk and took a piece of parchment and a quill in hand and brought it to Will. "There, you write what you want to say to them and I will make sure the point is well taken."


"Jack I am not a child besides there aren't words for what I want to express to them" Will said almost glairing at Jack.


Jack gives him an amused look. "And what might I ask are ya plannin' on doin' Ay? Make them sorry for doin' what was true in their hearts. I say Will, if more of us were doin' that, you and I might not be in this situation right now." Jack gave him a quick look from head to toe and licked his lips a bit.


"Either let me go to shore in one of the boats or I'm swimming, you have no idea what I want to do"

Jack smiled at him. He was having a bit of fun with this, he should feel badly about it, but he doesn't. That fire, it burns brighter with every word. Jack turns and throws his hands up into the air dramatically. "Oh all right, but I'm not going to baby sit you if you get into trouble." Jack turns and is back in front of him in about 2 steps. He narrows his eyes and looks deep into Wills.  "What do you plan of doin' to them luv? Just curious ya know." Jack says his face mere inches from Wills.


"Well if I don't just out right kill them both, I'm going to beat the crap out of James and Elizabeth I might go a littler easier on. Now will you help me with the boat."


Jack took Will by the hand and pulled him up to face him. "If you promise me not to do anything incredible stupid, then yes, I will help you." Jack said ignoring Wills personal space again.


Some of the fire dimmed a bit when Will realized how close Jack was to him and the fact he had his hand in his. "Jack move away from me"


The smile Jack had been wearing ever sense this little tit-a-tat started faded away in an instant at Wills words. He had went too far. "So be it." Jack said as he moved away and let Wills hand go. "Come on, let's go prepare everything. We'll leave out as soon as the sun starts down." Jack said coldly and went out of the room not waiting on Will to follow.


Will took a few calming breaths he hadn't meant it to sound the way it did, he just wasn't ready for what Jack was apparently wanting he doubted he would ever be ready. Will left the cabin and found Jack. "I didn't mean for what I said to sound like that Jack"


"I was out of line. Forget it." Jack said as he started loading a few things the men had already brought him onto the long boat. "Get Mr. Turners sword for him please." Jack instructed to one of the younger members of the crew, nothing more then a boy of 16 maybe.


"My sword? Jack do you have my sword?" Will asked as he looked at the items in the boat.

"That I do. Me wonderful crew here lifted it from you're previous employers treasure trove." Jack said using the word employer instead of owner not wanting to show the amount of emotion it caused when he thought of it.


Will smiled a little. "Thank you, that's my favorite sword."

"Well, you're lucky I recognized it and took it as part of my claim. Pirates don't usually give anything back ya know." Jack said as the boy finally returned but handed the sword to Jack. Jack took it in his hands caressing it as if it were a lover. "It's a fine sword Will, I should have you make one for me someday." Jack then held it out and handed it to Will.

Will took it from Jacks hands. "Maybe someday Jack, the blacksmith will come back. If he does he will make you a fine sword"


Jack smiled, turned and walked back into his cabin were he sat down at his desk . Leaning back in his chair he propped his feet up on the desk and looked out the windows appearing deep in thought.


Will soon realized that the crew was looking at him most that knew him had looks of pity and he quickly escaped back down below and out of sight.


Jack hadn't left his spot the rest of the day. Then finally the sun was starting to sink in the horizon. Jack yelled out to the young crew member who had gotten the sword before, he was standing at watch just out side Jacks open door, and motioned for him to come in. "Find Mr. Turner, we leave in 5 minutes." He then shoed him away with a jeweled hand, not even looking in his direction.


The boy found Will hidden away behind a pillar below deck. He felt sorry for himself and he loathed James and Elizabeth for betraying him like they had. And his own feelings about Jack he couldn't help it he had some feelings for the pirate and it scared him.

The boy who brought him his sword told him Jacks message and Will nodded and focused on what he was going to do and joined Jack up on deck.


Jack had went ahead and lowered down into the long boat waiting for Will so they could get on their way. He took out a bottle of rum he had stashed under one of the seats and pulled the cork. "Here's to ya." He said to the long boat he was floating alongside the Pearl in and turned the bottle up.


Will climbed down the ladder into the long boat. "Jack, I want to confront them myself" Will said.


"Whatever you want." He said coldly and flatly. Then started rowing away from the Pearl his face blank and his gaze diverting from eye contact.


Will didn't say anything as Jack rowed them to shore, he felt bad he felt it was his fault the way Jack was acting now. When they got up onto shore Will made his way to the governors house knowing that would be where he found if nothing else Elizabeth but he figured Norrington would show up at some point.

He went to the house and knocked on the door, he knew legally he and Elizabeth were still married.

Jack had followed Will though he didn't know it. He had told Will he had some business of his own to attend to at the tavern. He had already drank down almost the whole bottle of rum he had, which wasn't nothing for Jack really, but Will didn't know this. Jack had staggered off in the general direction of the tavern and once Will was on his way Jack followed in the shadows sober, as Jack is ever sober. He wasn't about to let the boy get killed or further injured, but he didn't plan on interfering unless he had to.


Will knocked again on the door waiting for the servant he wanted to do this right. When the servant finally came and answered the door. "I am here to see Elizabeth Turner"


The servant motioned for him to come inside. "Wait here sir." He said and disappeared through a doorway.  The servants all had strict orders that if Will was to ever return for them to come straight to James not to alert Elizabeth of his return.  James was sitting in the parlor smoking a cigar when the servant came in and gave him the news.  


"Where is Liz?" He asked frantically.  


"She's in the garden sir, star gazing as she always is this time of night sir."[S1]  The servant said and winced thinking he would get a reprimand for such insolence as to point out that he didn't know where Liz was. But it didn't come.  


Standing up and putting out the cigar, James Norrington stormed from the room and towards the ballroom. There he was, William Turner, the man who fled instead of fighting. James thought he would never have the courage to return.  


"And to what do we owe this honor Mr. Turner?" James said glaring at him.


Will returned the glare. "James Norrington you son of a bitch, I have you to thank for ruining my life. If Elizabeth had but told me she loved you and not me I would have been more inclined to let you to be. When I left this place I needed to clear my head before I did something stupid. My life ended five years ago when I found you fucking my wife and when I was made into a filthy bed slave. I'm free now and I intend to do now what I should have then" Will said and his hand moved to his sword.

~Meanwhile Jack had moved to a window so he could see more of what was going on.~  


Norrington was at a disadvantage, he had no sword on his person. "I am unarmed, you really are a coward Turner." James said laughing under it all.


"Do you take me for someone who cares, I stopped caring years ago. Now James" Will said moving towards Norrington and pulled his sword and slid his sword awfully close to James's neck. "Give me one reason I shouldn't kill you"

Jack had moved to another window around the side of the mansion trying to get a better view not realizing that he wasn't alone in the yard.  


Elizabeth had been sitting in the garden overlooking the cliffs at the side of the mansion when she heard a noise and looking closely discovered a very familiar person sneaking around the corner peaking through the window. Quietly she moved to the hedge just behind the sneaky pirate.  


"Jack Sparrow, what might I ask are you doing sneaking around my home and spying into windows?" She said dramatically.  


Jack closed his eyes and froze in place for an instant. Then standing up and turning to face her he put on a smile. "It's still Captain luv, Captain Jack Sparrow, and I wasn't sneaking or spying for that matter I was simply getting a better advantage, waiting for the opportune moment as it where." He said with much animation.


"What on Earth are you talking about" Elizabeth said and looked through the window to see what Jack was looking at and she froze. "Oh my god....please tell me I am imagining that I see Will"


"You're imagining that you see Will." Jack said sarcastically and gave her a grin. "I imagine a similar thing ran through young Wills mind when he walked in seeing what he had saw.. seen.. " Jack trailed of sounding confused at what he was trying to say.


Elizabeth sighed. "I never meant for that to happen let alone for Will to see that. James had come over to visit and then he was touching me, and kissing me I resisted but...but I gave in and even to this day I regret what I did. Where has Will been all this time?"


"Interesting.. really, but I'm a bit too busy right now for excuses that should be given to Will and not me in the first place. And as for were he has been, you will have to ask him yourself luv, if you have to stomach for it." Jack snarled at her and returned to watching in the window.


"One reason James, I'm still waiting" Will said to Norrington both men unaware that Elizabeth and Jack were watching them.


James showed no emotion in his face at all. No indication that he would turn and run or try to fight. What did give away his position on the matter was that he was ever so slowly backing up. "I love her, and she loves me. She had your marriage annulled when you didn't return and married me. She's no longer Elizabeth Turner, but Elizabeth Norrington as she deserves." James said with force though he had almost reached the stairs in his slow backward attempt at escape.


Will was following him. "Last time I checked she could not have it annulled but no matter" Will said having enough and finally swung his sword slicing into Norrington's chest then his leg. "I think it is you who are the coward"


James was lying of course about he and Elizabeth, but he was hoping the boy would just leave once he had told him that. Now seeing that he was intent on doing him some harm James began to look about for a way out of this situation. When one didn't expose it's self James dropped his head in defeat and despair. "Okay, so what do you plan to do with me then Turner." He said.


"Well by all rights I should kill you for what you have done but, hmmm, I think for starts this will work" Will said and plunged his sword deep into James shoulder and twisted it a bit.


James yells in shock as well as pain. This is not the same Will Turner he remembers, or maybe he just always underestimated him. He falls to his knees and grabs his shoulder. "Will, please, I'm sorry." He slowly stands back up nearly falling down again once on his feet. "Elizabeth and I loved each other, we should have just told you. Please don't kill me." He begged.


Will gave James a hard look. "If you both would have come to me I might have understood and things would have been different. Why shouldn't I kill you" Will said  moving his sword closer to Norrington.


Jack was cheering Will on from outside the window when suddenly he noticed Elizabeth was gone. He knew she had to be on her way to save James. Jack quickly ran around the house and through the already open door Liz had bolted through just in time to see her throw herself in front of Norrington.


Will barely stopped the movement of his sword as he looked at his wife, his Elizabeth. "Move away Elizabeth"


"No, I won't!" She yelled at him. "And you won't kill him either William Turner!"

"Oh really? And why shouldn't I bury my sword into his chest hmm? I am not the same William Turner you knew Elizabeth I don't care anymore"


"Would you really rob my child to be of it's rightful father?" She proclaimed surprising all three men, Jack, Will and James.  


"Father, I'm going to be a father? Is it really true Liz?" James said in shock and hopeful glee. He took her by the arm and turned her around to look at him.

Elizabeth nodded. "Yes its true"

Will felt as if he had been slapped across the face, he felt hurt and anger. For once Will didn't know what to do and looked to Jack knowing he was there almost asking him what he should do.


Jack saw the hurt in Wills eyes and had to do something. He turned to Liz and smiled widely. "Aw a baby!" He moved over to stand in between her and Will. "I love babies." He turns to face James. "Where's the cigars mate?" He asks slapping him hard on the shoulder that Will had just sank his sword into.  


"Ooouch!" James yelped like a girl.  


"Oh sorry, mate. You might want to get that looked at, infection could set ya know. Nasty thing, could cause you to loose something." He says in a whisper glancing down at James's crotch. "Wouldn't want to have to tell you're son you're a eunuch now would ya."  


Jack then turned back to Will and winked at him. "Think we have overstayed our welcome a bit luv, the sea awaits, what say you we be off then?" He says winking to him and moving his head up and down a bit prodding him to say yes.


Will smiled a bit at Jacks actions. "Aye Jack I do believe you are right that we have over stayed our welcome. I loved you with all my heart Elizabeth" Will said before he turned to Jack and nodded. "Lets go Jack and put this place behind us"


"But Will, we are still married! You would leave without a legal divorce? You would want me to have to live with the shame of having a child with a man other than my husband?" Liz ran to him and took his hand, falling to her knees. "Please Will, don't shame me this way!" She began to cry and laid her forehead onto his hand she held. "Please! Forgive me, show me this one decency?"

Will closed his eyes for a moment thinking it over. "If you can have the papers ready within two hours then I will sign them before we leave." Will said and pulled his hand from Elizabeth's grasp.


"Aye, but only with a few requests on our part." Jack said putting his finger up in the air. He then pulled Will in close and whispered to him. "Tell her you will only do it if Norrington here drops all outstanding and current," he says looking back at the bloodied shirt James wore, "charges against us both and guarantee us safe passage out of Port Royal."


Will nodded. "But only if the good Norrington will drop all outstanding and current charges against us and guarantee’s us safe passage from Port Royal"


"No!" Cried out James, but was half drowned out by Liz who ran to him and put a hand over his mouth.  


"Any other request?" She said graciously.  


Jack seeing an opportune moment waved a hand in the air and walked around Will and towards her. "Well, sense you asked, I do have one request." Jack smiled back at Will and raised his eyebrows a bit. Then went to Elizabeth and whispered in her ear.  


"A hot bath would do wonders for an 'Ol sea dog such as meself luv. And maybe one for Will too?" He turned back at Will again smiling wickedly this time knowing he was sending the wrong signals to him, but having fun with it anyways. 


Will gave Jack a leery look but then again it was understandable since he didn't hear what was said.

Elizabeth nodded. "I'll have two baths drawn for each of you and I assure you, that your other requests will be taken care of. Won't they James" Elizabeth said looking at the Naval officer.


James only nodded in return, still clutching at his bleeding shoulder.  

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Gypsyluv: his sparrowgypsyluv on July 18th, 2007 03:12 am (UTC)
hehe.. he's just taking advantage of an opportune moment.. hehe...

I'm glad you are still ready and you liked it! And we did discuss him just killing them, but decided she would plead to Wills moral side and it would make him the better man... hehe.. I just realized I said almost exactly what Liz did... hehe!

So, stay tuned! Liz should be posting the next chapter tonight or tomorrow.. not sure wich!