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06 August 2007 @ 11:04 pm
Chapter Seven  
From Slavery to Love
Chapter Seven
by gypsyluv & lancelot_luv05
POTC fandom
pairings: Jack/Will, Jack/Bill, Jack/Will/Bill, Will/Elizabeth, Jack/Tom(OC),  Will/Tom (OC), mention of Bill/Davy Jones, Will/Davy Jones (not all in this chapter, but over all)
warnings: Explicit Sexual Content, Slavery, Torture, Violence, Rape, Explicit Language, Slash, Het, Mpreg, Adult Consciencial Incest, OC's, Fluffy Romance, You name it and it's probably here.
This is very, very long (over 140,000 words in total) and every word is unedited and unbetad! (Please read our userinfo page before yelling at us about this sort of thing.)  This story is finished though and we will post regular updates!

Chapter Notes:  Discovery’s are made, Love is in the air, jack takes care of sweet William and Will discovers a new food.

Jack thought back to his days with Bootstrap, he wished Will was as open to him as Bootstrap had been. "Maybe someday." Jack whispered to Will as he moved back over to him and leaned down to whisper in his ear.

"I tended to Bill in this state more then I care to remember" He said and covered Will with a blanket to keep him warm.

"I probably should remember you then." Jack said trying to bring back the memories but failing. 

"You wouldn't know me Captain I was Bootstraps friend since childhood and we served together on many a ship pirate and otherwise. One day we just went our separate ways Bill said he had fallen in love with this beautiful woman and married her but he also loved another pirate"

Jack couldn't help but smile now. "Aye, she was beautiful, but his heart was big enough for the both of us." Jack looked down at Will. "I've not told him about me and his father yet." He suddenly felt he had nothing to hide from this man. Jack then looked back up at the man. "Any friend of Williams is a friend of mine." Jack took the surgeons hand in his own and kissed it gently.

"Somehow I knew it was you that had caught Bill's eye" The surgeon laughed a little when Jack kissed his hand. "He told me the pirate in question was a charmer"

Jack gave him a flirtatious smile. "Did he now?" Jack had a small tap in his chest at the thought of his times with Bootstrap, he hadn't loved anyone as much as that until now he feared. "I miss him terribly." Jack said and looked back at Will. "I can't lose them both doc."

"I'll do my best to help your young man Captain, and a part of me knows Bootstrap isn't in peace and not because of your love for his son"

Jack gave him a questioning look. "What do you know of it doc? Bootstrap is dead, the curse and all. Why do you think he isn't in peace?"

"He isn't dead...death would be a blessing for him. Have you forgotten about The Flying Dutchman and Davy Jones?"

Jack sank into a chair that was against the wall. "Not my William, Bootstraps on the Dutchman? How do you know this?" Jacks face went white and he felt sick to his stomach.

"I was out at sea when a storm came upon us and when it was over we were barely afloat. I didn't know it but one of the had said something and soon enough there was the Dutchman imagine my surprise, and horror when I recognized Bill. He managed to convince Jones to let me go, so I returned to land and haven't been back upon the open sea in a long time"

Jack felt he couldn't breath suddenly. "No.. Bill, why him. He doesn't deserve such a fait as that." The tears that Jack had managed to damn earlier for Will, now spilled for his lost lover and Wills father. Jack placed his face into his hands. He had failed both of the men he loved most in this world.

"I don't know how he ended up serving on the Dutchman" He said and went to Jack and put a comforting hand on Jacks shoulder. "I know he doesn't deserve that fate but what's done is done. I'm sure your young man will be fine"

"Thanks." Jack said and sorrowfully stood up and moved his chair to Wills side. He took hold of Wills hand gently as to not disturb the bandages. "I promise I will make this up to you my luv." Jack laid his head over onto the bed and felt sleep start to take him. He was exhausted physically and emtionaly.

"Get some rest I'll watch over you both" The surgeon said and covered Jack with another blanket.

Jack finally fell asleep with his head resting over onto the bed as it were. He dreamed of both Bootstrap and Will. Remembering how it had been with Bootstrap as his lover and imagining how it would be with Will. He didn't realize it but he was talking in his sleep from time to time.

At some point Will actually woke a little he had been floating between here and there. There had looked so welcoming and he had been heading towards it when he hears someone call his name. He knew that voice...didn’t he? Wait... it was Jack, Jack was calling him.

He looked to there and toward the darkness where he saw Jacks sleeping form. He looked back and forth before he made his choice and he went to Jacks sleeping form. His eyes opened slowly and they fell upon Jack. "Jack..." Will managed.

Jack opens his eyes slowly and looks at Will. "William!" Jack said happily and excitedly. "Your awake, oh thank god!" Jack stood up and leaned down and kissed Will ever so gently before his brain could even muster a coherent thought. "I'm sorry Will, I should have never brought us here." Jacks face grew sad and tears came to his eyes.

Jacks lips felt good against his own. He managed to shakily raise one arm and cupped Jacks cheek with his palm. "You called me back....I saw this waiting light but then I heard you call me...I came back..."

"I'm glad you did. I couldn't live with myself if I were to have lost you Will." Jack said, he was finally finished with guarding his heart from Will. "I love you William. I'm sorry." More tears came running down Jacks face.

"I think I love you Jack...I've been thinking about it for a while now...." Will said and wiped the tears away.

Jacks heart nearly leapt out of his chest. "You don't have to say you love me back Will, I will except whatever you have to offer me, even if it be just friendship. Never again will I give up on you." Jack bent down and kissed him again just as gentle as the first time only this time it lasted a moment longer.

Will didn't respond for a moment but then tentively responded to Jacks gentle kiss.

Jack was surprised but over joyed at feeling Will actually kiss him back. He decided not to push his luck though and take it slow. He pulled away and sat back down in the chair at Wills side.  

"What do you remember about what happened luv?" Jack asked him. He wanted to tell him that the man responsible for doing this to him was now dead... but he wanted to find out what he remember first.

"I remember everything Jack, the man raping me and cutting my wrists." Will said.

"The man that did this to you... he is dead! I took care that. And do you remember that I found you there in the alley Will. I was on my way back to the Pearl when I heard you in the alley. The doctor I brought you too has taken great care of you and he will be accompanying us on board the Pearl in the morning when we leave this place. He's coming on to take care of you." Jack said all this while holding Wills hand. He let his gaze drop to the floor before his next words.  

"Will, why did you do it again? Do you really want to die, leave me here all alone?" Jack didn't dare look at him. He couldn't bare it if Wills face told him he would rather have died.

"Jack...I couldn't bare you looking at me after what had happened. I was too weak to fight back, I tried but I wasn't strong enough. I'm not strong Jack and the thought of pity in your eyes....I couldn't deal with it and I couldn't handle being raped again" Will said softly.

"I don't pity you William, I love you!" Jack said to him truthfully. "And you will be strong again. Once you're well enough again I am going to make sure of that. We will work everyday with your sword, you will learn to use it again luv."

Will nodded. "I'm sorry Jack...I'm sorry I tried to kill myself again..."

"It's okay luv. You're going to be fine. I'm glad you finally feel you might have something to live for." Jack looked at him through half closed eyes. His dark eyelashes shadowing this cheeks. It was the most vulnerable look he had ever showed Will.

Will gently caressed Jacks cheek with his thumb. "Do you truly care so much about me?"

"I told you Will, I love you." That was it, Jack thought to himself, my hearts on the ground, out in the open, please don't step on it. He looked down at the hand he held in his own.

"I think I can love you Jack....truly love you..." Will said.

Jack stood back up and bent down to kiss Will again. "Get well first, I'll show you how you were meant to be loved." Jack said so him softly.

This time Will accepted the kiss a little more easily then nodded slowly afterwards. "Okay Jack"

Jack sat back down and let his head drop down looking at his hands which he held in his lap. "I have to tell you something though. It's about he reason we are here in Tortuga."  Jack paused hoping Will would tell him to wait, that he was tired and needed rest.

Will looked at Jack. "I have my suspicions as to why we came here, will you tell me why we came here?"

"I came here to quinch a thirst you might say. I bought a whore, but not just any whore Will, he was as close to you as I could find. I don't know why I'm telling you this, you're just going to hate me for it."

"I do not hate you" Will said. "I know why you chose one that looked like me...its alright...."

"That's not all. Jack swallowed hard and continued. "While you were in the alley getting raped, I was up in a room above the tavern with my cock buried in someone else and thinking of it being you. I even called the boy by your name Will."

"Jack when I get well I am going to hit you for many reasons but just on principal alone manly" Will said.

Jack looked at him and gave him a wicked smile. "I can't wait luv." He said and laughed glad that Will was not furious with him. "You still need more rest luv. We'll have to move you to the Pearl soon enough, rest while you can." Jack leaned over and kissed him again. "You surprised me Will, I thought you hated me."

"Jack I have never hated you, you've annoyed me plenty of times but I don't hate you. I've been trying to sort out what it is I feel towards you." Will said and kissed Jack back.

"I'm sorry luv. I should have just came to you and told you how I really felt, but..... " Jack trailed off not wanting to go into the reasons that he guarded his heart so.   

"It's hard Will, to be on a ship in the middle of the ocean, with the one thing you desire most in this word sleeping in your bed, but so distant at the same time. You tell yourself to keep your distance, don't fall in love, love always disappoints you in the end." He paused again......   "You see Will, I have only loved one other time in my life, and let's just say that person ended up breaking my heart."

"It would seem our past lovers have both hurt us badly. I would never intentionally do that do you Jack"

"Well, neither did your father." Jack had said it before he knew it. He hadn't intended on telling Will who the past lover had been. He closed his eyes tight and sighed a bit realizing he couldn't take it back now.

Will was sure he had miss heard. "Jack please tell me I miss heard you, you did not just say my father was your past lover"

"No, I didn't just say that." Jack said nervously. He got up and walked about the room "You just misheard." He said trying to deny it all. He knew Will would hate him now if he found out that he was once his fathers lover.

"Jack you had better be telling the truth otherwise we are going to have a problem."

Jack stopped in the middle of the room and turned to him. "I don't want to lie to you even if it does mean you'll hate me. ...  Yes, I said your father. He and I were lovers. I am the reason your father wasn't ever there for you as a child Will, me, I took him away on the Pearl time and time again. And yes, I loved him, but Will, I love you more." Jack didn't come near him, he simple stood there his head dropped and his eyes on the floor.

Will didn't know what to say he was in shock. "My father....Jack of all people why my father"

"If it helps any, he chose me, not the other way. Well, not at first. I fell in love with him almost immediately. You're father was a beautiful and wonderful man Will. How could I have known all of this would come about?"

"I suppose that is possible...lets not talk about this anymore please" Will said not wanting to think of his father and Jack.

"We will have to talk about it later. I want you to know about it." Jack could hardly believe himself. He must truly and honestly be in love to open himself up like this to anyone at all!

"Yes Jack much, much later" Will said then yawned.

"Get some rest. When the doctor is ready we will move you." Jack sat back in his chair again and leaned his head over onto Wills bed closing his eyes. "Sorry luv!" he whispered to himself.

Will was already asleep and didn't wake when he was moved to the Pearl hours later.

It didn't take long for Jack to have his crew in order and they were leaving Tortuga as swiftly as they had came. Jack didn't stay above deck long, he gave command to Anna and went to his cabin were they had taken Will.

Will was curled up sleeping the surgeon had tucked the blankets in around him so he would be warm.

Jack went to his desk and tried to pass the time away. He wanted to crawl into that bed next to Will. He ended up after just a few minutes just sitting there and staring at Will.

Will woke sometime later and blinked his eyes after he had opened them. He stretched a little and looked at Jack.

"How do you feel?" Jack asked him then felt stupid for asking such a question of him in his state.

"Tired Jack...weak" Will replied.

Jack got up from his spot and went to Wills side sitting on the edge of the bed. "Want me for anything?" Jack wished he would say, yes Jack, please climb in here beside me and hold me, but he knew better.

Will nodded slowly. "Will you hold me"

Jack thought he was hearing things. "Hold you, really luv?" Jacks fingers twitched at the thought.

Will nodded. "Yes Jack, I'm cold"

Jack removed his boots, sash, shirt and all his affects and climbed into the bed pulling Will close to him and holding him there gently. He breathed in Wills sent and let out a heavy moaning sigh. "I love you." He whispered so quietly he could barely hear it himself.

Will settled close. "I...I love you too Jack..."

Jacks heart ached with joy. Tears ran down his cheeks and he couldn't stop none of it.  He placed a light kiss to Wills neck. "Thank you William."

"For what Jack?" Will asked.

"Loving me."

Will smiled a little before drifting off again.

Jack was in heaven with Will in his arms. He brushed the hair back from Wills face and kissed him lightly ever so often while he slept. Jack tried to sleep too, but he didn't want to miss a second of this right now. Maybe he would sleep later he thought.

Will slept until later that evening and he had to relieve himself and he was hungry.

By the time Will had woken up Jack was finally completely asleep. His arms were around Will and wouldn't budge.

Will kept trying to get out of Jacks arms. "Jack wake up, let me go"

Jack finally woke and released Will. "Sorry darlin'." he said sweetly. "What's wrong?"

"I have to relieve myself badly, and I'm hungry" Will said.

"Go ahead luv." Jack said scooting away from him slightly. He sat up on the side of the bed as Will go up. He stretched and yawned. "I haven't slept like that in ages luv."

Will went and relieved himself and crawled back into the bed. "Can I have some food"

Jack stood up, stretched and started towards the door. "Back in a flash luv." Jack said and went out the door still only dressed in his pants.  

As Jack entered the galley he ran into Annamaria who looked him up and down with a smirk on her face. "So, seems Will is feelin' a bit better about you anyways." She said giving him a once over. "Forget to get dressed I see." She smiled at him teasingly.  

Jack actually blushed. "Watch your tongue missy." Jack warned her though it was an empty threat. He knew she was only playin'. He gave her a light slap on the shoulder and went on to gather some food for himself and Will.

Will curled up while he waited for Jack to come back with food he looked at his bandages wrists and knew if he removed them he would see burnt flesh.

Jack finally returned and came into the room wearing a smile. "Here we go luv." Jack said as he sat the food on the bed and climbed up onto it himself, sitting cross legged at the foot so he could face will. "Anything wrong?" Jack asked as he noticed a worried look on the younger mans face.

Will shook his head. "Not really....I was just looking at the bandages and I know if they were to be removed I would see burnt flesh I know how the surgeon got the bleeding to stop."

Jack reached forward and took hold of one of Wills hands. He brought it up to his lips and kissed the bandage. "Don't let that bother you none luv. Scars tell the stories of our lives."  Jack thought of a few of his own and letting go of Wills hand he place his own over the two bullet hole scars on his chest. "Most of the memories aren't fond to us, but they are a part of us that we must learn to except."

Will reached out and gently touched the bullet holes then not knowing what possessed him he leaned forward and gently kissed them. He started to pull away after he did that.

Jack stopped him and cradling his face in his hands he brought him up and brushed his lips across Wills. Then pulling back he held him there for a moment looking deep into Wills eyes.

Will looked into Jacks eyes getting lost within them he moved his head forward despite Jacks hands and kissed the pirate Captain's lips.

Jack couldn't help but moan as he felt Wills lips voluntarily press against his own. He opened his mouth just enough to slide his tongue out licking at Wills lips as if to ask for permission to enter.

Will kept his lips shut together feeling Jacks tongue asking for permission and shook his head a little. "I can't..."

Jack didn't press the matter. He stopped and lightly kissed Wills lips again then pulled back. "Sorry luv, I don't want to rush you." He looked at him longingly for a moment then suddenly he laughed and took up a banana and tossed it to him. "Here try one of these."  Then he took another and peeled it quickly before taking a big bite.

Will caught the banana and peeled it just like Jack had and took a bite. "Its good, what is it?"

Jack laughed heartily. "A banana silly, don't tell me you've never had one." Jack laughed a bit more as he took another large bite and his was just about gone. "Will, your so innocent in some ways luv. I've got a lot to teach you mate."

Will shook his head. "I've never heard of one let alone had one before Jack" He said and blushed at the innocent comment.

"There is a first time for everything luv." Jack said flashing him a smile that he knew had to effect the young man.. or at least he hoped it would.

Will blushed a little more at Jacks smile. "Your teasing me"

"And you like it!" Jack stated as he marveled in the fact that Will was even more beautiful with crimson cheecks.

"I might" Will said glancing away from Jack's eyes for just a moment.

"You're beautiful when you blush by the way." Jack said and lightly ran the back of his hand over Wills hot cheeks.

Will rubbed his cheek against Jacks hand just a little when he realized what he was doing he stopped.

"Don't feel like you have to guard yourself from me Will, you know I won't hurt you luv." Jack said taking his hand away. "I love you remember." Jack knew that this was a point he would probably have to continually remind Will of for a while.

"I know...I guess I'm still not used to the fact that someone loves me again" Will admitted.

"Unlike her, I love you for real William, you'll not catch me in the arms of another." Jack said wanting to prove a point but thinking he probably was doing more harm then good. "Here, eat some more. Never mind about all of that. You're makin' Ol' Jack into a softy here." Jack took a drink from the rum bottle and leaned in whispering to Will. "Best not let anyone know I'm such a push over luv, they may all stop listening to me." Jack leaned back then and laughed taking another drink.

Will smiled a little. "Wouldn't want that" He said and ate a bit more before taking the rum bottle from Jack and took a drink.

Jack felt he had just missed a melt down in the current mood so decided to keep it light for a while. "Once you've healed completely Will, I want to teach you all about me Pearl. I want you to be my first mate. Think you can handle the Her luv?"

Will was a bit surprised by Jacks offer. "I think I can handle her Jack, is she the whispering I've been hearing?"

"She talks to you luv?" Jack was the one surprised now. "She never done that with anyone but me." Jack knew he had made the right choice now.

Will nodded. "She does Jack, she has from the moment I saw her when we were after Barbossa"

"This is truly your home then Will. Why haven't you never told me this before?" Jack was still a bit surprised and shocked, but it made him happier then he could imagine to know his Pearl excepted and trusted Will.

Will shrugged a little. "I don't know I guess I didn't think it was important" Will said.

"It is important luv. My Pearl never speaks to no one but me, now she has chosen you just as I have. That's very important! She trusts you and I will teach you to listen to her and to become one with her." Jack was starting to get excited. No one ever understood his strange connection to his ship, and now finally he had someone he could share it with.

Will nodded. "It scared me a bit the first time she ever spoke to me"

"Aye, I know the feeling luv. I was quite young when I first boarded her. It was long before I became her Captain. But after a few nights I realized she was trying to calm me and she would whisper to me every night until I fell asleep." Jacks face light up as he remembered his youth on the ship.
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Gypsyluvgypsyluv on August 9th, 2007 12:00 am (UTC)
hey love.. bravo.. I had totaly forgotten about the banana conversation! hehe.. It gave me a real laugh to read it again..

Thanks for posting the chapter..

And to everyone else.. I'll have the next up with in a few days!