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19 July 2007 @ 09:48 pm
Chapter Five  
From Slavery to Love
Chapter Five
by </a></b></a>gypsyluv & </a></b></a>lancelot_luv05
POTC fandom
pairings: Jack/Will, Jack/Bill, Jack/Will/Bill, Will/Elizabeth, Jack/Tom(OC),  Will/Tom (OC), mention of Bill/Davy Jones, Will/Davy Jones (not all in this chapter, but over all)
warnings: Explicit Sexual Content, Slavery, Torture, Violence, Rape, Explicit Language, Slash, Het, Mpreg, Adult Consciencial Incest, OC's, Fluffy Romance, You name it and it's probably here.
This is very, very long (over 140,000 words in total) and every word is unedited and unbetad! (Please read our userinfo page before yelling at us about this sort of thing.)  This story is finished though and we will post regular updates! 

chapter Notes:  Ok here's where some action begins.  Will gets to confront James and Elizabeth for their betrayal! Jack gets to have a bit of fun too! Events begin to play out.

Jack then walked back to Wills side and smiled at him as he fidgeted a bit. "What luv, don't fancy a bath?" He flashed him a quick smile. "Thought we could afford a bit of luxury sense she was offeren."

"You and I are going to have a long talk when this is over" Will muttered so only Jack would hear him. "Yes a bath would be nice, Elizabeth afterwards will you aid me in something. I will not hurt you"

Jack and Norrington both look at Will with puzzled and maybe even hurt looks.  

"Of course Will, anything you want." She said and turned to help James. "I'll have one of the house maids tend to you and Jack, just have her come find me when you're ready." She said not looking at him.  

"I'll get the surgeon sweetheart." She said sweetly to James not realizing how it would probably cut even deeper into Wills heart to hear her do so.

Will stopped himself from shutting his eyes or growling he pushed his sword into Jacks hands. "So I'm not tempted to finish what I started" He said so only Jack heard him.

The maid came when the bath was ready and when they were alone Will braced himself against the wall. He was tired and a bit weak.

Jack went to him, knowing he had outdone himself. "You did fine Will, such that any pirate could be proud of." Jack said to him as he slipped an arm around his waist to help steady him. "Do you need my help getting into the bath luv?" He put a hand over his heart then suddenly. "I swear on me Pearl I won't try anything, I won't even look if you wish."

"Thank you Jack, I cant believe I managed to not give in to my exhaustion. Did I do the right thing by not killing him? Yes I need help getting into the bath Jack and I would prefer if you don't look please for my sake"

Jack helped him out of his cloths and into the bath, trying his best not to see no more of Wills beautiful body then what was necessary. As he did so he spoke to Will softly and reassuringly to ease try and ease his tension. "You did the right thing Will. Your a good man just like your father William, he'd be right proud of you he would." Jack helped him ease into the warm water. "There now, if there's nothin' else, I'm off to mine."  

Jack said and smiled at him as he left the room following the young pretty maid to his own bath. Once there he told her to leave the door open incase he needed something. He gave her a grin that caused her to giggle and blush, then he went inside and undressed knowing that she was steeling glances at him the whole while. He then climbed into the warm water and laid his head back fully enjoying the feel of it.

Will let the warm water sooth away his pain and after he washed himself he called for the maid and asked her to fetch Elizabeth and tell her to come he needed to speak to her.

It was only a couple of minutes before she appeared at the door. "You wanted to see me?" She said meekly as she slowly entered the room diverting her eyes so as not to look upon his naked body.

"Elizabeth you have seen me naked before you may look upon me, actually you will have to, will you tend to some wounds I have? I would rather you then have Jack do it again"

"Wounds? Have you been in a fight Will?" She moved closer to him. "Of course I will tend to them for you. Where are they?" She said as she brought a chair to the side of the tub and sat in it.

"No I haven't been in a fight and the wounds are on my back," Will said and leaned forward letting her see the whip marks. "I suppose I should tell you what happened to me after I left. The ship I was on was attacked and I was taken captive. I was made into a bed slave Elizabeth I was beaten, raped, and I have tried to kill myself a few times but never succeeded. I was a slave until just the other day when Jack found me he had let his crew go have fun and he saw me up for bid. See I was bid on every night and I went to the highest bidder for the night, Jack freed me later that evening and I've been on the Pearl. That storm blew it off course and we ended up here."

"Oh my god! Will, I had no idea. How awful!" She took a soft cloth from the table beside her and dipped it into the water and gently began to wash the wounds. "Some of these have been bleeding." She said shock in her voice. "Why did Jack help you escape?"

"The ones that are bleeding were done just hours before Jack got me away from there. He said he did it because I did not deserve to be in that deplorable existence another night" Will said and relaxed under her gentle touch.

"I'm never sure how to take Jack. He's a hard one to figure out, don't trust him much myself." She said as he continued to clean him. "Looks like he's done a good job taking care of you though, these are already starting to heal a bit."  She paused for a moment. "So what are your plans now Will, are you really going to follow Jack Sparrow, become a pirate?"

"What else am I going to do Liz? I'm so scared to be around other people, I haven't touched a hammer in five years and you my sweet wife are in love with another man and you now carry his child. And what do I have? I have a pirate who is annoying but kind hearted and who wants me by his side as a pirate. I just wanted a family but instead I got to be a bed slave and tortured"

She couldn't help herself, she began to cry. "I'm sorry Will, I should never have married you. You will love life on the open sea, you're too free of a spirit to be held down in one place." She said as she sobbed into her hands. "I'll never forgive myself for not being honest with you. It's all my fault that you ended up like that! I would ask you to forgive me, but I don't want you to, I don't deserve forgiveness." She sat there then sobbing not know what else to say.

"I enjoyed working the forge and coming home to you and waking up to your beautiful face." Will said and gently pulled her hands away from her face and pulled Elizabeth closer and kissed her softly on the lips. It was a slow, sensual kiss like the ones he used to give her.

She forgot herself for a moment and melted into that kiss, returning it fully. "Oh Will.. " She moaned softly. Then her eyes flew open and she pulled back suddenly. "No, Will, this is how I ended up lying to you before. Part of me does love you, wants you, but the rest of me loves James." She put her face back into her hands. "I don't deserve someone like you Will, you would be better off by Jack's side." Tears began to roll again, softer this time.

Will took her hands in his. "Elizabeth I would love you forever but I will set you free. Will you dress my wounds please"

She looked at him sadly and shook her head. "Come on, let me help you out of the tub." She took his hand and helped him, but was shocked at how weak he actually was. "Your wounds are bad Will, but not bad enough to make you this weak, what else is wrong?" She said as she sat him sideways in the chair she had been in.

"I forgot to tell you they starved me a lot sometimes for a week or a little longer. I hadn't been feed for two days when Jack found me he's been feeding me whatever I want but I cannot eat much without being sick." Will said and sagged a little into the chair. "I'm still weak but my desire to hurt James gave me enough strength to do what I did. I'm exhausted"

"I can help with that too, there are certain herbs that will help to settle you stomach and give you energy. I'll make sure to give them to Jack and explain how to use them. I also can give him a cream for your back, to help stay away infection and promote faster healing. Though he has done a good job without them." She went to a cabinet and returned with the cream she had spoken of and fresh dressing cloth for the wounds. She smoothed the cream over the wounds and began to bind them with the cloth.

"Thank you" Will said and let her bind his wounds. "Did we ever have a chance?"

"If I hadn't already been in love with Norrington, then yes, we would have had a chance. A part of me does love you Will, but Norrington is the right man for me. I'm sorry, I don't know what else to say." She had finished with his back and let her hands drop to her sides as she stood there on the verge of tears again.

Will wrapped an arm around her. "Are we at least friends?" Will asked her.

"If you're willing to have me as one after what I have done to you." She lowered her head not wanting to look into his eyes. Those eyes were what always had drawn her to him.

"I would like us to come back to that point, we were friends long before we ever married." Will said. "Will you not look at me Elizabeth?" He asked.

"I would like to be friends Will, but I can't look at you right now. I'm afraid that if I do I won't be able to walk out that door, and I have a future with James and our child to think of. Please, just know that you are welcome here and that a part of me will always love you." She said and started towards the door.

"And I will love you as well, thank you Elizabeth for tending to my back and in advance for the herbs" Will said and managed to get up from the chair.

She stopped and started to turn, but then went on through the door. She stopped and told the maid the list of things she wanted packed up for Will to take with him and then went on back down stairs.  

Jack had given up on luring the pretty young maid into the bath with him and settled to just enjoy it for what a luxury it was even if it would have been better shared with another.  Finished and properly wrinkled up he stood and got out, wrapping a bath sheet around his lean frame, but not before making sure the young maid had gotten an eye full of him first. He flashed a smile at her which made her giggle and hide her eyes.

Will slowly made his way downstairs and into the parlor where he eased into a chair and asked for some tea while he waited for Jack. He had no idea how long the pirate was going to be and he knew Elizabeth wouldn't mind him eating or drinking anything while she got the papers he needed to sign.

Jack took his time dressing, flirting with the maid all the while. Until another maid came into the room with a bundle for him. "This is for Mr. Turners wounds. Ms. Swann, er, I mean Mrs. Turner said for you to find her and she will explain what it is your to do with it all." The older maid sat the bundle down on the table and went out the door. She stopped and scolded the younger maid and sent her on to other duties and she took her place by the door. "I'm here if you need anything further Mr. Sparrow."  

"Thanks," Jack said gravely, "And It's Captain Sparrow, not Mr." He said as he finished dressing quickly and hurried out and down to meet Will.

Will drank his tea and set the cup down he was so tired his energy reserves were virtually depleted and he was dozing there in the comfy chair not knowing Jack was about to join him.

Jack came bounding in with his usual flare. "Well luv, that was refreshing!" He said before realizing that Will had dozed off. Then he sat down the bundle of herbs and went to his side. Placing a hand on his shoulder he squeezed it to let him know he was there. "You okay luv?" He asked with concern.

Will groaned and cracked an eye so he was looking at Jack. "You know this is the second time you've woken me when I was sleeping. I'm tired Jack, I'm drained and this chair is comfortable"

Jack pulled his hand away and through it up in the air. "Fine, just checking on you, but I suppose you can take care of yourself then." Jack said a bit hurt and grabbing the bundle back up he walked towards the doorway to go find Liz.

"Jack come back here please" Will said softly.

Jack stopped not turning around right away as if decided if he should or not. Then finally he turns on his heels and slowly walks back over to him setting the bundle back down. "Yes?" Is all he said.

"Jack I didn't mean for it to sound let alone come out that way. I do appreciate your concern truly I do, I'm just tired that business with Norrington and my talk with Elizabeth. I'm sorry"

"Oh, don't mind me luv, I'm just a bloody pirate. No sense in wasting an apology on me." Jack said cheerful and sarcastically. "But really, I'm going to leave you to your nap, apparently your lovely Elizabeth needs to tell me a thing or two." Jack said and grabbed the bundle and hesitated a moment before quickly bending down and placing a kiss atop Wills head then hurried out of the room.

Will was shocked by the kiss but then he remembered how Jack said what he did oh he was either going to kill the pirate or himself he couldn't decide which. Will couldn't think much more beyond that and feel asleep in the chair. He looked exhausted even in sleep.

Jack found Liz finally standing outside of her fathers study. "So, you wanted a bit of alone time with 'Ol Jack ey?" Jack said coming up close to her.

"Yes, I wanted to tell you about the herbs and how you should give them to Will." She said and explained what each one was for and how much Will should be given each day.

"Don't worry none, he's in good hands with me." Jacks words seemed to have a double meaning to them even though he didn't intended for them to.

Elizabeth looked at him. "Jack do you desire Will?"

Jack just looked at her. For once he was speechless. He dropped his eyes not wanting to show her his feelings. "What would give you such an idea as that luv." Jack said regaining his composure.

"Just looking I see you care about him more then just friends. Just be good to him I'm afraid he maybe to far gone"

"See that is were you and I differ missy. I'm not about to go thinking like that. There is life in Will Turner yet, and I will help him to find it. I'm not about to go giving up on him." Jack said not caring anymore if she knew of his feelings for Will or not. "You didn't know what you had. I should have took him with me the last time I was here."  He said glaring at her.

Elizabeth looked away. "I will never forgive myself for what I have done to Will it is because of me what was done to him was done."

Jack felt no pity for her, but he knew Will wouldn't forgive him if he said what he wanted to say to her. Instead he reached out and took her hand. "Forget it Elizabeth, he's safe now, and I  will make sure he stays that way." He squeezed her hand a bit and then let it drop and turned to walk away.

"Do not rush him or force him to do something he doesn't want Jack I saw how he reacted earlier and he told me he was afraid of being around people." Elizabeth said and went into her fathers office.

Jack didn't want to receive advice on how to pursue Will from her, but he got it anyways. He continued on his way back to Will finding him asleep and looking very exhausted. "Oh luv, I should never have let you do this." Jack whispered to himself not wanting to wake him.

A little later Elizabeth came in with the papers and saw Will sleep she grabbed a blanket after putting the papers down and covered Will with it so he would be warm. "You can stay while he sleeps"

"How kind of you." Jack said biting his tongue for saying it. "I mean, thank you Liz." Jack said as he sat very near Will in a chair he had moved across the room. He had Wills hand in his and didn't bother removing it just because of her. "He wasn't really strong enough to have done this, but he wouldn't listen to me."

"I know why he did it Jack and I do not blame him" Elizabeth said even as Will made little noises and tried pulling his hand away as he shifted positions.

Jack let go of his hand then and looked away from them both. "I didn't say I blame him either, I just shouldn't have let him do it is all. He's risking too much."

"Do you honestly think that in any condition he might be in that you could actually stop him from doing what he wanted?" She asked.

Jack didn't look at her, he wanted her to go away. "I'm not sure if I would ever really want to stop Will from doing what he really wanted unless it be killing himself or something like that." Why didn't she just go away already, Jack thought to himself.

Elizabeth just looked at him. "The papers are there for Will whenever he wakes up I'll have food prepared whenever you get hungry" She said and walked away.

Jack laid his head back and rested a while himself. As soon as Will would wake up he would have him sign the blasted papers and they would be on their way, Jack thought to himself as he let his eyes close for a moment.

A few hours later Will stirred after he started getting stiff he woke up and saw the papers he took the quill and ink and signed his name. He was hungry and sent for food.

Jack had fallen asleep and was snoring loudly.

Will let him sleep but saved him most of the food as he ate a little of it.

Smelling the food Jack finally woke. "What, oh, I must have dozed off for a moment. Sorry luv." Jack said stretching in the chair. "Smells good." He said as he sat up and looked at the food spread out on the table next to them. He took a bite of this and a bite of that then smiled at Will. He crewed happily waving his hand in the air as if to animate just how good it was, then swallowed and took a hearty drink of wine straight from the bottle. "Mm, much better then anything we can get back on the Pearl huh mate?"

Will nodded silently and picked a little more at the food, it was one of those things he knew he should eat but he didn't really care if he did or not and it wasn't just because of the situation with Elizabeth.

"The nap didn't help you much did it luv." Jack said with concern in his voice. "Let's get these to Liz and get out of here." Jack said as he stood up and grabbed the papers. He looked around and seeing one of the many servants he waved the papers at him. "Go get Ms. Swann!" Jack said to him sternly.

"A little" Will said then addressed the servant in a nicer tone who nodded and left to get Elizabeth.

Jack paced the floor until she finally made her presence. "Here he has given you what you want, is everything else in order then?" Jack said as he handed the papers to her.  

Elizabeth ignored Jack and went to Will, kneeling down in front of him she took his hand in hers. "I am truly sorry for everything Will. Thank you for signing the papers. I know I don't deserve your kindness." She then stood up and took the papers from Jack who gave her an unpleasant look.   

"Take care of him Jack Sparrow." She returned his look and turned to leave.  

Jack went to Will and offered his hand to help him up. "Come luv, let's go home."

Will didn't want to but he had to take Jacks hand to get up. "Raise the child well Elizabeth" Will said after he was on his feet.

She stopped just before leaving the room and turned to smile back at him. "Thanks, you will have no problems getting back to the Pearl, and both of you may return here anytime you wish. You are welcome in Port Royal as long as I live." She flashed a knowing smile at Jack then and left them.

"I'm choosing not to ask about that smile" Will said and started to walk. "Come on then Jack we're through here"

Jack grabbed his bundle and fought the urge to wrap his arm around Wills waist to help him walk knowing that wouldn't go over well. "Back to the Pearl then." And he followed Will out and down to the docks.

Will shook his head a little when they made it back he was determined to make it under his own power back to the room.

Jack had been right behind him the whole way waiting to lend a hand if and only if Will needed it. He realized how important it was to Will to do this on his own.
Gypsyluvgypsyluv on July 21st, 2007 08:24 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad you liked this chapter! Yeah.. when writing it, I did Elizabeths part when she was with Will and I somehow was able to sympothize with her. I'm glad you feel a little empathy for her, that's exactly how we wanted it to come across. (But only a little! as she did tear Wills heart out!) Jack of course is an opportunist and seen that they had some barginning power that Will was too blinded by his need for revenge to see. Jack saves the day, once again! hehe... I just love Jack.. and I love writing him opposite Liz's Will, they may not be canon or what most people think they should be, but they are ours and we love them just the way they are! hehe...

Thanks for continueing to read and I should have the next installment up tonight sometime.