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13 July 2007 @ 10:53 pm
From Slavery to Love ~ Chapter Two~  
From Slavery to Love
Chapter Two
by gypsyluv & lancelot_luv05
POTC fandom
pairings: Jack/Will, Jack/Bill, Jack/Will/Bill, Will/Elizabeth, Jack/Tom(OC),  Will/Tom (OC), mention of Bill/Davy Jones, Will/Davy Jones (not all in this chapter, but over all)
warnings: Explicit Sexual Content, Slavery, Torture, Violence, Rape, Explicit Language, Slash, Het, Mpreg, Adult Consciencial Incest, OC's, Fluffy Romance, You name it and it's probably here.
This is very, very long (over 140,000 words in total) and every word is unedited and unbetad! (Please read our userinfo page before yelling at us about this sort of thing.)  This story is finished though and we will post regular updates! 

Chapter two notes:  Fluffy sweetness and alot of hurt/comfort starts off within this chapter..  reader be aware!


Chapter two

Jack had dozed off in the chair he had been sitting in. He didn't want to leave the boy alone. As Will had turned in his sleep Jack had woken up and stretching and yawning he looked over at him. He tilted his head and looked even closer.  Blood, fresh blood. Jack rose to his feet and moved closer to see better what it was.  


He had deep lash marks from a whip criss crossed on his back. There were scars from older ones and freshly healed ones, and these that were bleeding as if they were done just hours ago.  


Jack brought some water to the bedside and then took a clean shirt from his trunk and ripped it into strips. He soaked a few of the strips in water and rang them out. Before he touched the wounds he place his hand on Wills arm firmly and lightly shook him. "Will.. William, wake up luv."  He waited for him to awaken, not wanting to frighten him.


Will groaned and slowly opened his eyes. "What Jack? I was trying to sleep"


"Why didn't you tell me you had open lashings on your back Will? You're bleeding and I need to wash them and wrap them, but I didn't want to frighten you by touching you without waking and asking you first. Is it alright if I treat your wounds luv?"


Will shrugged a little. "I didn't think about it I figured I would be getting more so what would have been the point" Will said then was silent for several long moments. "You can treat them"


"It's me Will, Jack, how could you think I would do such a thing to you?" Jack took one of the wet cloths and began ever so gently to wash the blood from the wound. "We were friends once Will, I want us to be again."


"Jack until you spoke to me in that room I didn't know you had bought me for the night. I thought it would be Bruno again. He always seemed to win me for the night, he and the man who owned me are the ones who whipped me." Will said and whimpered just a little as Jack cleaned the wound though he knew he was being gentle.


"That's all history now. Though once you've healed I may go back to that god forsaken place just to hunt those two down and make them pay." Jack's voice was almost a growl, but his hands were gentle and caring. He had finished cleaning the wounds and was getting ready to wrap them. "I'll need you to sit up for this luv." Jack said as he slide his arm around Wills waist to help him sit up.


Will was sorely tempted to push Jacks arm away and tell him he could sit up on his own. But he nodded at Jack and let the pirate help him up and he bit his lip to keep from crying out. He had been able to ignore the pain but now his body was screaming at him in protest.


"You need rum." Once he was in a sitting position Jack left his side and brought back a bottle of rum and handed to Will. "Drink luv, it'll dull the pain." Then he started to wrap the bandages he had made around Will, covering the wounds.


Will was only too happy to take the bottle and drank a little more then half of it in one go. Will closed his eyes while Jack worked and hoped he would be finished soon.

Jack was a bit surprised even though Will was obviously in a lot of pain, that he downed the rum so with no problem.  "I distinctly remember that you didn't like rum." Jack teases a bit trying to lighten his spirit.


"Things change Jack, when your given water once in a while or rum a lot you learn to like it or go thirsty. I can handle rum just fine" Will said.


"Aye, me as well luv." Jack took the bottle and drank from it before handing it back to him.  "I'm finished with the dressings now luv. What else can I do for you to make you feel more comfortable or anything else?


Will took another swig of rum. "I'm tired Jack and I doubt you can make the dreams go away."


"I could try if you want me to luv. I can stay here, by the bed, hold your hand even." Jack reached over and took Wills hand into his own. "I've really only found on thing that would vanquish nightmares Will, and I'm afraid I can't do that for you now."

Will pulled his hand away as if it had been burned. "Please do not touch me not unless I say its alright. Just let me sleep" He said and laid back down on his side.


Jack pulled his hand away. "As you wish luv." He said and walked toward the door to go out of the room. He would have to trust that Will wouldn't try another suicide attempt. "I'll be back to check on you later then." He said to him from the door.


Will nodded and feel asleep in only moments, that was one of the other things he had been denied. Sleep.


Jack returned to his cabin once every hour to check on Will.  He was sleeping so peacefully, no signs of nightmare so far.


It was just before Jack came to check on him again Will started tossing and turning, mumbling incoherently. But it was what he was mumbling that was disturbing it was the nightmare of his first time being taken. Normally soon after he will wake up screaming but this time he cant seem to wake up.


Jack quietly opened the door to his cabin and peeked around to the bed. As soon as he did he rushed on in closing the door quickly and hurried to Will side. It was obvious Will was having a terrible nightmare. He was fretfully thrashing about the bed. Jack laid a hand on his shoulder trying to settle him and spoke his name softly. "Will."  He just kept on, not responding to Jack. Jack took hold of him with both hands on either shoulder. "Will, wake up. William, it's just a dream luv, you're safe here on the Pearl with me.  It's Jack Will.  .....   William Turner!" The last he spoke rather loud yet not with anger.


That did it right there and suddenly Will was waking shooting up into a sitting position with a gasp as if he were out of breath and he looked around as if he didn't know where here was.


Jack let one hand remain on one of Wills shoulders and the other he removed. He didn't want Will to be threatened by him holding on to him.  "It's okay Will, it was just a dream." He made small circular motions on the back of Wills shoulder. "You're with me on the Pearl, you're safe."


Slowly everything started coming back to Will and he remembered what had happened. He also became aware of a hand gently making circle motions on the back of his shoulder. "Jack?" He said and ran a hand over his face.

"Yes Will, I'm here. You're safe here." Jack said softly to him as he tried to smooth away the anguish he had seen in Will with the hand on his shoulder. "Can I do anything for you luv?" 


Will was a little shaky as he nodded. "Something to drink"


"Rum or Water luv?" Jack said as he rose off the bed were he had been sitting.


"Water" Will said for once not wanting rum at the moment.


Jack got him a mug of water and brought it back to him. He sat on the edge of the bed again and offered Will the mug. "You were having a nightmare luv, do you want to talk about it?"


Wills hand shook as he reached for the mug and he shook his head but he began talking anyway. "It was my first night there on the island, I was scared but I tried not to show it. My owner threw me to the bed and tore the clothing from me. He chained me to the bed and he hit me a few times and fondled me before he raped me. I don't think I had ever hurt that much in my life."


Jack wanted to take him into his arms, but didn't. "It's all over now Will, but these nightmares, they will take sometime to overcome. You will get stronger and overcome this." Jacks words were soft and reasuring.


Will took the mug into his hand and managed to drink a little, he was still shaking and was having trouble drinking more. "How can you be so sure Jack"


"I'm a pirate luv, do you think everything in my past is all sunsets and freedom? I still have nightmares from my past from time to time, but I don't let them control me. It took a long time to get beyond that." Jack reached forward and steadied Wills hands helping him to drink from the mug. "And I didn't have me to help me through it." Jack smiled at him then when Wills eyes came in contact with his own.


Will looked Jack in the eyes for several moments before looking away his eyes downcast in an all to familiar gesture. "Jack I'll never be that Will Turner again, the blacksmith is gone"

"But the pirate remains Will, I can see it in your eyes. I believe in you." Jack wanted so badly for the boy to understand and to see that he still lived and that sometimes is enough to move on.


"The pirate was of no help either, both pirate and blacksmith...things were done that they cannot recover from. You are the only one who believes in me, I don't even believe in me"


Jack took his hand and place it on the side of Wills face cupping his cheek and turned him to face him. "You don't need to believe, I can believe enough for the both of us. You just need to try luv. I'm here to help you. I care about you." Jack didn't finish what he wanted to say. He knew it wouldn't have went over the way he intended.


Will looked at Jack with pain filled eyes as if there was warring going on inside of him. "How can you care about me I am nothing"


It hurt Jack to hear Will say such things. "You are far more than nothing to me William Turner. Why would I have risked my own life and saved you back there if you were truly nothing?" Now Jack was the one with hurt filled eyes.

"I didn't ask you to save me, you did that on your own." Will said and looked away from Jack and laid back down.


"And I'd do it again. I'm just trying to make you understand Will, that I care for you. I always have. I wanted to take you with me all those years ago back in Port Royal, but you had your heart set to marry ....." Jack didn't say her name remembering what it had done to Will the last time. "Please just give me a chance to help you Will, that's all I ask of you. Just let yourself live." Jack stood up and turned around pausing before he started to walk off.


"I don't know how to live anymore, I've been in hell to long" Will said with a soft sob as tears began falling down his cheeks.


Jacks heart was breaking. He wanted so much just to take Will into his arms and hold him. Let him cry. He turned around and looked down at Wills frail body shaking as he sobbed. "Won't you let me help you Will?"


"I...I don't know how to ask for help Jack not anymore" He said even as he held his arms out to Jack without really realizing he was doing it.


Jack sat down on the bed and took Will into his arms. "Never be afraid to ask of anything from me. I will give you everything I have of myself or anything else luv." He held Will close letting him cry. "Let it out Will, you're safe with me."


Will wasn't sure how long he cried but it had to have been for sometime. He kept crying until there was nothing left and he drifted off a soft sob escaping him now and then.


Once he was asleep Jack laid Will back on the bed and covered him. He started to lay down next to him, but was afraid his body might betray him so instead he sat in the chair next to the bed and watched over Will as he slept.


Will slept well after sunrise the next day before he started stirring a little and he remembered what had happened.


Jack had left the room to give orders to his men and to find some food for himself and Will. 


Will looked around the room and didn't see Jack, he knew the pirate was lying then. He wasn't there and probably left as soon as he was asleep, he didn't blame him after he told him what had been done to him and after he cried. He still couldn't believe he had done that. He saw the dagger, he rose and picked it up and put it to his wrist about to cut when the door opened.


Jack came in carrying a tray full of food. His eyes went straight to Will, the dagger at his wrist. "No!" Jack dropped the tray and ran to him taking the dagger from his hand and throwing it across the room. "Why Will? After last night?" Jack placed a hand on Wills cheek and took his hold of one of his hands with the other. "I want you to live Will. Please!"


Will looked at him tears forming in his eyes. "You weren't here...I thought your were just lying to me about caring. I couldn't take that yours is the first kindness I have been given in a long time."


"I just went for some food Will." Jack looked in the direction of the tray spilled over the floor. "I wasn't lying. I do care. I.. I do care." He said firmly.


Will just let tears fall he felt so stupid a part of him had known that Jack wasn't lying to him but the part of him that had been created due to being on that Island had one out making him think things he knew weren't true. "I'm sorry.... a part of me knew you weren't lying...."


"You don't have to say you're sorry to me luv. I understand why you would think that, waking up alone. I was here by your side the entire time. I wasn't gone but a few minutes." Jack pulled him into an embrace and kissed him on the side of his head, loving the feel of Wills hair against his face. "Do you feel like you can eat something?"

"I'll try..." Will said softly from Jacks arms he felt warm being wrapped in them.


"That's all I ever ask of you luv." Jack said as he pulled away a bit and reaching up brushed a bit of hair from the boys beautiful face. Jacks eyes held Wills for a moment, then he was the first to look away for fear that Will would see too much in them.

Will had shivered a little at Jacks gesture but knew a punch wasn't going to follow. He moved slowly and sat down on the bed wrapping his arms around himself.


Jack went to the dropped tray and salvaged most of their food. He brought it back and sat it on the bed, then climbed up on it himself next to Will. "These apples are delicious here." He said handing Will one of them as he took a bit bite out of one himself.


Will hesitantly took the apple and managed to eat a little before he had to stop eating.


Jack sat with him for a long while. He had finished his part of the meal long before Will, then he laid himself down on the bed on his side propped up on one elbow and began telling Will of his adventures sense they had last seen one another back in Port Royal . He went on and on about this misfortune or that and this whore and that, this treasure and that. His arms and hands would fly about from time to time in the manner that only Jack Sparrows would do. A gold tooth would flash, and a trinket would jingle and in between he would drink his rum.  


It had been a very long time sense Jack had someone in this sorta situation. Someone who couldn't get away per say from his extravagant tales of Pirating. He was quite enjoying himself. And Will didn't seem to want to talk so he felt he would do it for the both of them.    


Will listened to Jack go on and on about his adventures and didn't say anything but just let him talk. He ate another bite or two of food while Jack talked then he started swallowing hard and started to look around for a bucket. "I'm going to be sick"


Jack jumped up, grabbed a bucket and rushed back to Will holding it for him and brushing his hair back as he threw up. "I didn't think my stories were that hard to bare luv." Jack said trying to make light of the situation.


Then he wet a cloth and came back to the bed. He sat down next to Will, facing him and began to wipe his face. "I'm so sorry luv." That was all Jack could manage to say, because he was sorry. Sorry that he hadn't taken the boy with him when he had wanted to back in Port Royal.


Will threw up until there was nothing left and he dry heaved for a few minutes. "It wasn't your stories Jack....my stomach was overloaded with too much food" He managed after a few minutes and he did lean into the cool rag that Jack bathed his face with.


"That's good luv, cause there are plenty more were those came from." Jack smiled as he tilted Wills face up to look at him, hoping to make him feel a tad bit better. There it was for the first time since he had been reunited with the boy, a glimmer of the fiery spirit that once was Will Turner. But a glimmer is all that it was and it seemed to fade the moment it was recognized, like a fire burning too hot so someone drowns it with a bucket of water.

"Your insane you know that" Will said then coughed a bit. "Water"


"Never been accused of being otherwise luv." Jack gave him some water along with a teasing grin.


Will rinsed his mouth out before drinking some of the water and laid down. "Don't let me eat that much next time"


"Okay, so does that mean you want me here next time then?" Jack asked him hoping that indeed was what it meant.


"Bloody arrogant pirate" Will said and there was a slight smile twitching wanting to form on Wills face.

Jack was overjoyed. He beamed a toothy grin at Will. "I'm Captain Jack Sparrow, Savvy?"  He couldn't resist. He reached up with both hands and twirled the ends of his mustache and wagged his eyebrows at him at the same time.


This time the smile escaped and Will closed his eyes. "Pirate"


"Aye luv, that I am." Jack then removed the tray of food and plopped himself back down on the bed next to Will. He stretched out on his back with his arms folded under his head and just stared up at the ceiling. "This is the life Will, I'm glad you're aboard me Pearl with me." He said not moving his gaze.


Will didn't reply because he had fallen asleep and while he slept at some point he curled up against the warmth of Jacks body. Of course he didn't know he was doing it.


rose_melody2rose_melody2 on July 15th, 2007 03:01 am (UTC)
Woot! *runs off to read it*